Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Such a Deal!

Just for today, Skinner House Books/UUA is offering 20% off The Pen and the Bell. Here's the skinny:
Today's daily deal at the UUA Bookstore - take 20% off the brand new "The Pen and the Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World" when you enter "write12" in the discount code box at checkout! Hurry - this offer is only valid today!
Since Amazon is being slow in getting the books (they say they won't ship until September!), and since the distributor is also making it difficult for bookstores to get the book before September, here's your chance to get the book right now for $12, and support independent publishers while you're at it. 

Hope you're having a superb and mindful day,


  1. Gretel W-S says, "many thanks for the tip, Brenda!" I ordered it and look forward to its arrival.

    1. Thanks Gretel! I hope you enjoy the book,


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